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Ep. 1 | Build a Video Editing and Gaming Desk V2.0

January 2019 Update: Where I've been the past Year...

This is a video that explains why I only made a few videos last year and what my plans going forward for the future are. Thank you all for understanding and I look forward to make a lot of great woodworking content going forward in the future this year!!

Plans or Notable Links for this week's Project:

Nothing this week!

Today I'm building an awesome desk for editing videos or playing your favorite games. When I set out to build this desk, I knew that I wanted absolutely no wires showing when it was all said and done. This was extra challenging considering the slim, sleek look of this desk. I started out by designing the frame, made of solid oak for the strongest structure possible. Next up, I added false fronts to get the look of drawers without losing any space for cable management. I finished the oak with 3 coats of satin black polyshades to get a smooth finish. I Then moved onto the 3/4"  melamine top, where I drilled 2" holes for each of my monitors and 1" holes for my speakers. This allows the cables to show as little as possible, which gives the desk a much cleaner look. On the inner sheet of melamine, I drilled a 2" hole on each end to allow my computer to be placed on whichever side I would like. Once I brought everything together, my desk was complete!